Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone Multiple Issues & Problems

Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone issues and Problems

Hi All,

I know the S4 has been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S5 but I have always had issues with my S4 on the Vodafone network. It varies from dropped calls to the Galaxy S4 randomly rebooting itself. When I had a Galaxy S3 on O2 I never had these issues but on Vodafone its been different. I do have to say Vodafone as a company have been very good and I have now had 3 replacement handsets sent out without quibble being a Business Customer, although this is great and does fix some of the issues I still keep having issues with dropped calls and at some times can’t even make calls – I thought Vodafone were the ”biggest” phone provider in the UK?

I put the dropped calls down to when Vodafone made the switch to 4G as then seems to be when things started going wrong. I don’t have a 4G contract with them so I suppose these issues will continue but I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone to see if anyone else is having issues with Vodafone.


Dry Ice Machine (Co2) Hire in Leeds and Yorkshire

Dry Ice Machine (Co2) Hire in Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield, Harrogate & throughout Yorkshire

Are you looking for dry ice machine hire, if so then Elation DJs are your first stop. Our hire rates are very competitive and we offer a drop off and collection service for a small additional charge. We have supplied our dry ice machines in the past for stage events, product launches and school events but by far, the biggest hire category is Weddings. In weddings the dry ice is used for the first dance to create the dancing on a cloud effect.

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Elation DJs Facebook Like Page

Elation DJs – Facebook Like Page – Free Mix CD giveaway

Hi Guys,

Elation DJs have now finally got a Facebook page. Please like this page and in return for a simple click to like we will send you a free mix cd. We will send to either your work or home address, whichever you are happier with… There will be different cd’s from house & chart to funky electro & retro.

Regards John

American DJ Micro Hypnotic Red Green Laser

American DJ Micro Hypnotic Red Green Laser

I have just received my two American DJ Micro Hypnotic Lasers today and have to say I am very pleased with them. Although very simple in design they produce a red and green plasma type effect which has it’s own animation or can be sound to light, there is a pot on the back to select speed and a push button to select auto or sound mode.

The unit comes with a two pin power plug but is also supplied with a 3 pin UK adapter.

Possible uses for this ‘web’ type laser are to fill a roof with a plasma effect instead of looking plain or to have shining behind a dj or band for effect. All in all a good buy and one which I am happy to recommend.