American DJ Vizi Beam RX1 Moving Heads

American DJ Vizi Beam RX1 – Moving Head Rental Leeds – Lighting Hire

Elation AV Ltd have just added some ADJ Vizi Beam RX1 moving heads to our hire stock. These are a discharge fixture featuring a Osram Sirius HRI 1R lamp which gives around 6000 hrs runtime. The fixtures are very, very bright and have very vibrant colours, they support 3 pin dmx in/out and also function sound to light although for the best performance should really be run on DMX. We have 16 of these features for rental ranging for 1 day hire or long term install. Below are a few pictures showing just what these fixtures can produce.

Lighting Hire Leeds

American DJ Vizi Beam RX1ADJ Vizi Beam RX1 Hire

Moving Head Hire - Vizi Beam RX1

Laserworld TARM2 2.5 Watt RGB Lasers

TARM2 – 2.5watt RGB Lasers – Laser Hire Leeds & Yorkshire

So, after upgrading some of our Laserworld Hire stock of lasers we have to say we are very impressed with the new TARM2 range of their show lasers. The TARM2 lasers come in 2.5 watt, 4 watt and 7 watt variants. 0.8mrad at full angle mean great colours and beam over longer distances. Photos below:

Laserworld Tarm2 RGB Lasers
2 x Tarm2 Lasers in use at Bon Bon Bar in Newcastle
Laserworld 2 x TARM2 RGB Lasers - Laser Hire UK
2 x Tarm2 RGB Lasers used for a display

Laserwold TARM Website
Laser Hire Leeds and Yorkshire