COB (Chip on Board) UV Light – UV Cannon Hire Leeds

UV Cannon Hire Leeds – COB (Chip on Board) – UV Light

Brand new to the Elation AV hire stock are the COB UV Cannons. With a COB LED output of 100 watts they are brighter than the traditional 400 watt UV cannons and with some extra features added in such as low power consumption, no breakable bulb, strobe facility, variable electronic dimming, powerconn in/out they really are a superb unit.Ultra Violet - UV Cannon Hire Leeds

Where you may need 4 x 400watt UV Cannons we have managed to get the same result with just 2 of the COB UV Lights. With cool run time and low power requirements take your UV Party to the next level. Available off the shelf as standalone hire or take as part of our UV Party package we have your UV Light requirements taken care of. Visit our UV Cannon  Hire page for more details or to book.

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus & Samsung Galaxy S4 – USB Mass Storage

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus & Samsung Galaxy S4 – USB Mass Storage

Just a little heads up for you, although the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus’s can read from mobile phones now, ie. iPhone & Android + others, I have run into a problem on Android with the Jelly Bean update. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Kit Kat 4.4.2  and have noticed that the CDJ 2000 Nexus will no longer read from it directly. Upon further investigation I found out that Google have stripped out the support for mass storage device which was what the CDJs used to communicate over USB. I feel as though this is a massive downsight on Androids side and hope Google will see the need to re-inplement it, not only for DJs but for other users that require a fast and widely adopted method of transfering files over USB.

Have any of you had this problem or what are your thoughts?

Are you in Yorkshire and looking for Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus Hire? Contact us now for an instant quote and free delivery with setup.

Elation AV – DJ Equipment Hire – AV Rental

Elation AV – DJ Equipment Hire – AV Rental

Elation AV Ltd are a Disco / DJ Equipment Hire company specialising in AV rental equipment throughout Yorkshire. We can supply the following:

PA Sound Systems
Lighting Effects
Wedding and Venue uplighting
Pioneer CDJ 1000s, 2000s
Pioneer Mixers DJM 700, DJM – 800, DJM 900, DJM 2000
Pioneer Midi Controllers
Allen & Heath DJ Mixers
Allen & Heath Live Mixing desks
Shure SM 58 Microphones
Stage Monitors
Multicore Snakes
Di Boxes
Shure 6 piece Drum Kits
XLR Leads
Speaker & Microphone Stands
LED Starcloths
Smoke Machines
Haze MachinesSound System Hire
Laser Effects
Co2 Effects
16amp power
Pangolin ILDA Laser Control Software & Pangolin Hardware

This is just a small selection of what we can rent out. All our equipment is fully PAT tested and is delivered in a clean and tested state. We also offer a free delivery, setup and collection service (distance dependant).

Get in touch for a hassle free, no-obligation equipment quote on: 0113 873 0053 or 07811 200293

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Pioneer DDJ-SX and Mixvibes Cross DJ Software

Pioneer DDJ-SX with Mixvibes Cross DJ Software

Hi Guys,

So we have just invested in a couple of Pioneer DDJ-SX controller units and are using them with Mixvibes Cross DJ software. I have to say that being used to using Traktor, Serato DJ and Virtual DJ I am very impressed with Mixvibes DJ software. It is easy to use, has very accurate BPM and Key detection, good logical layout and work very well on our HP Core 2 Duo Laptop that is running 8GB RAM.

I would definitely advise anyone looking to maybe change software to look at CROSS, after all, Pioneer trust them to make Recordbox so it should be good and it is…. I will be posting some videos soon on our Elation AV YouTube page so keep watching.

Pioneer DDJ SX ready for use with Mixvibes Cross DJ software

MixVibes Cross DJ Software

Disco Equipment Hire

Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone Multiple Issues & Problems

Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone issues and Problems

Hi All,

I know the S4 has been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S5 but I have always had issues with my S4 on the Vodafone network. It varies from dropped calls to the Galaxy S4 randomly rebooting itself. When I had a Galaxy S3 on O2 I never had these issues but on Vodafone its been different. I do have to say Vodafone as a company have been very good and I have now had 3 replacement handsets sent out without quibble being a Business Customer, although this is great and does fix some of the issues I still keep having issues with dropped calls and at some times can’t even make calls – I thought Vodafone were the ”biggest” phone provider in the UK?

I put the dropped calls down to when Vodafone made the switch to 4G as then seems to be when things started going wrong. I don’t have a 4G contract with them so I suppose these issues will continue but I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone to see if anyone else is having issues with Vodafone.