Laserworld TARM2 2.5 Watt RGB Lasers

TARM2 – 2.5watt RGB Lasers – Laser Hire Leeds & Yorkshire

So, after upgrading some of our Laserworld Hire stock of lasers we have to say we are very impressed with the new TARM2 range of their show lasers. The TARM2 lasers come in 2.5 watt, 4 watt and 7 watt variants. 0.8mrad at full angle mean great colours and beam over longer distances. Photos below:

Laserworld Tarm2 RGB Lasers
2 x Tarm2 Lasers in use at Bon Bon Bar in Newcastle
Laserworld 2 x TARM2 RGB Lasers - Laser Hire UK
2 x Tarm2 RGB Lasers used for a display

Laserwold TARM Website
Laser Hire Leeds and Yorkshire

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