Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone Multiple Issues & Problems

Samsung Galaxy S4 on Vodafone issues and Problems

Hi All,

I know the S4 has been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy S5 but I have always had issues with my S4 on the Vodafone network. It varies from dropped calls to the Galaxy S4 randomly rebooting itself. When I had a Galaxy S3 on O2 I never had these issues but on Vodafone its been different. I do have to say Vodafone as a company have been very good and I have now had 3 replacement handsets sent out without quibble being a Business Customer, although this is great and does fix some of the issues I still keep having issues with dropped calls and at some times can’t even make calls – I thought Vodafone were the ”biggest” phone provider in the UK?

I put the dropped calls down to when Vodafone made the switch to 4G as then seems to be when things started going wrong. I don’t have a 4G contract with them so I suppose these issues will continue but I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone to see if anyone else is having issues with Vodafone.


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  1. Hi All
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4mini and I have similar problems to John. I have tried another handset (not Samsung) with my Sim card and it was fine.
    Why have Vodafone not fixed this issue?

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