HK Audio CT 118 Sub – 18″ Passive Sub (Subwoofer) – 1000 watts RMS

HK Audio – CT 118 Sub – Passive 1000Watts RMS

Hi Guys, I am so pleased to say that after much deliberation I have decided to take the plunge and buy two HK Audio CT 118 Passive Subs. The subs come from HK’s Concert range and I can deffo say that the size of this for an 18″ subwoofer is amazing. I am going to crank these up tomorrow with a good old beefy amp (A PL4) and see how they run, reviews over the internet have been very good and so I will add my own review tomorrow.

In the next couple of weeks though I am going to order two new amps, the amp I have chosen to drive the tops is a Crown Amp (Xti 2002) and the amp for the subs is going to be a Crown Xti 6002. With the built in active crossover and other toys in the Xti amps only then will I hear the true potential of the HK Subs.

This is going to be one of my highest expections for a review.

John Tankard aka HK Audio - CT 118 Passive SubwooferDJ TJay

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