HK Linear 5 – Active Speaker System

New HK Linear 5 – Active Speaker System

Hi Guys,

I am so excited – Just had first preview of the new HK Audio, Linear 5 Active Speaker System. I was going to buy the QSC system – 2 x 1000 watt active tops (K12’s) and 2 x 1000 watt active bins (KSub’s) but…. that is now on hold after seeing the HK kit, I can truely say it rocks, the sub goes lower than the QSC, it also sounds tighter, the same can be said for the tops – bright and puncy. Here are HK’s comments.

L5112FA – The 12″/1″ fullrange top delivers the most powerful bass performance in its class. It also sports an asymmetrical horn (60° x 90° x 55°) tuned to optimize sound dispersion. The switchable EQ (High Power/ Small Venue) configures the cab’s dynamic response to suit the application and location. High Power is always your first choice when you need maximum sound pressure and range. Small Venue is a great option for standard applications in smaller to midsized rooms and for moderate levels because it serves up a remarkably transparent and warm audio signal.

LSUB2000A – Equipped with a sixth-order double bandpass crossover, the L Sub 2000 A is the perfect reinforcement for L5 tops. Its lowend performance in the 50-120 Hz range is most impressive. It sports two 12″ high-excursion woofers. This speaker’s 2.5″ voice coil comes with a state-of-the-art cooling system and a dual spider suspension to keep it perfectly centered. A newly developed 1,200-watt, Class-D power amp drives these speakers.

Here is the official wording from HK Audio

LINEAR 5Pictures

Linear 5 – Superior Performance & Loudness
With Linear 5, HK Audio has unveiled a line of high-performance PA cabinets that is sure to delight ambitious musicians and DJs as well as discerning hire companies. No other system competing in the class of 1“ drivers can match its SPL. The high-quality wood housings are anything but standard. Made of tough multilayer birch plywood and a birch/ MDF hybrid, these rugged enclosures not only stand up to the rigors of the road, they also have excellent performance-enhancing acoustical properties. Top-drawer features like this usually come at a steep price, but the Linear 5 line is surprisingly affordable.

Linear 5 is exceptionally versatile: It takes just two L5 212 FA units to set up a full-fledged fullrange system. Two stackable Linear 5 subwoofers may be added for applications requiring more bass. What’s more, these tops can also serve as delay line monitors (the XA model) and as speakers in distributed sound reinforcement systems. Engineered by a crack R&D team that has been designing pro audio equipment for more than 25 years, Linear 5 is made in Germany. Users expect nothing less than flawless finishing, faithful reproduction, and excellent specs from HK Audio. Linear 5 delivers all this and more:

HK Audio Linear 5 Active Speaker System (L5112FA & LSUB2000A)HK Audio Linear 5 Active Speaker SystemHK Audio Linear 5 Active Speaker System (L5112FA)HK Audio Linear 5 Active Speaker System (LSUB2000A)HK Audio Linear 5 Active Speaker System

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  1. I have just purchased the Linear 5 12 active tops X2, Powered Subs X2 and Passive Subs X2.

    I am hoping for delivery tomorrow, so will let you know how they sound!


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