Samsung Galaxy S2 Slow Wi-Fi?

Samsung Galaxy S2 – Slow WiFi – Slow Wireless (Wi-Fi)

I have just purchased my Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone, it is an update from my HTC Desire. I must say this is a truely awesome device. From the moment you open the box you just can’t put it down. I did notice however that the Wi-Fi indicator was only showing one bar where as my Desire always showed full strength in the house.

After trawling the web there are quite a few reports of the above issue, so, I decided to run some in-depth test, my final thoughts are that there is not anything wrong with the actual speed throughput over WLAN it seems to be that the onscreen indicator is reporting the wrong strength.

When I ran the test throughout the house the HTC & the Samsung were pulling through the same data rates even though the HTC was showing full signal strength and the Samsung Galaxy S2 was only showing one bar.

I have sent in an email to Samsung reporting my findings so lets see if it gets fixed in a future update.


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  1. hi mate did smausng get back to u? my wifi is really bad on sgs2 one bar all da time. aree they going to fix this..

    1. Hi Ali, they are looking into it, they think…. it is like I thought, just a wrong display of signal… even when on one bar I am pushing my Max limit through. Will keep this post updated with the final response from Samsung.

      1. I have the same problem, but I was checking signal in the AP not in the galaxy s2, I could check when not connected to power suppy -71dBm, and when I connect it to the power supply -61dBm, this measure is not in the galaxy as I told you is in a professional Ubiquiti AP, so the problem is the galaxy doesnt give enough power to it WiFi chipset.


  2. Heya Ali,

    I too have the same problem with wifi signal. But like you, I also came to the same conclusion. I used Speedtest on my Desire and my new SGSII and both reported similar speeds, even tho I had just the dot showing on my GalaxySII and full bars on my Desire. Its a cosmetic defect and doesnt actually effect wifi speed…

  3. SAME HERE with my GS2 … wifi shows bad signal. ALSO facebook for android and friend caster pro / 2 facebook apps are totally slow and laggy wen useing wifi… if i turn wifi off and use network data there top speed apps…. VERY STRANGE..
    anyone know anything about this ? msg me thanks

  4. Hmm

    Got my Gs2 a few hours ago. It shows low signal, and prefers 3g/H. Unlike some of you i’ve gotten lower readings than my wifes iPhone4 so far….

    Gonna be expensive….

  5. John I have to disagree with you. If this problem was just cosmetic then I would not be getting ” a network error has occurred.” error messages when trying to access the internet on my S2, while both of my laptops remain connected with no problem and show a signal strength above 50%. This is either a code or antenna issue.

    1. I am getting the same problem Gordon. Probably Death Grip issue?..If you hold ur phone tightly then you will notice wifi strength going down by a bar. but it is not happening always. WiFi speed is sluggish and slow

  6. I dont think so the update improved the eifi signal problem…mine is still existing after updating to KE7

  7. same problem as gordon…. my friend has lg optimus x2 ..he has no problems at all when we are at the same spot.

    1. The more and more I keep checking and testing I think its a code error…. I have now found another issue where my s2 won’t lock onto a visable access point even though my friends iPhone can without issue….

  8. Hi, i’m having similar issues. i’ve noticed low wifi signal reception and get frequent disconnection messages/very long waits. This issue is temporarily fixed when i disconnect then reconnect the phone’s wifi connection. hope this isn,t a hardware issue. Thanks for the post.

  9. I have contacted Samsung agaın regardıng thıs ıssue – yet agaın I am awaıtıng a reply…

    I thınk Samsung know they have a problem and are tryıng to cure ıt before replyıng to messages.

  10. I think the phone genuinely suffers from poor wifi signal compared to other devices as I can’t skype or access the net in areas where an iphone can manage easily. I hope samsung fix this as I love my s2 apart from this issue! I dont think that it is reading incorrectly on the strength bar I think it really is just low signal

    1. Hi Ed… I am with you on this as I get the same problem. It would be nice if Samsung did look into this properly and produce a fix as its a great phone but the wifi signal is just weak, I doubt they will as the S3 is out now uffffff


  11. Im having poor signal when connecting to internet when my friends iphone is fine. We’re both on same network.

  12. Im having poor signal issues at ground level inside my office .( with Nokia i get full strength). However when i take up the steps to the level 1 or level 2 the signal gets back to 3/4.. Any idea why this this happens in SGS2.

  13. Hi friends. I am also having the same problem with my SGS2. WiFi signal indicator shows one bar and at times i get no network error whereas my laptop connected to the network works fine from the same place

  14. I have a problem with wifi connection, the Galaxy S2 displays wifi available but will not connect most of the time. All the settings are correct on the phone such as sleep and passwords.
    The wifi services Omnia 7, Iphone3, 2 x windows 7 lap tops and a Playstation 3.
    Even changed the security settings on the modem but of no help.
    It would bea great help If any one has a solution as this is a marvellous phone.

  15. I also bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 (unlocked) to replace my iphone 4.. Well sorta.. I had replaced the iphone 4 with a Samsung Infuse from ATT and it was 600.00 total since I paid full price (Saving my upgrade for posible iphone 5) and I had issues with the Infuse just crapping out and so I took it back and paid 200 more to a vendor to get the Samsung Galaxy S2… The first one didnt work right sent it b ack (800.00) and got another one for the same price and it worked great and looks OMG Great but the speeds in my town (area of Indianapolis) suck.. they are all over the place and sometimes I dont even get signal like I did with the iPhone 4.. I called and they are willing to take it back also but I dont understand why the speeds suck.. I go to the ATT store and test an Infuse (in Anderons Indiana) and the speeds are about 5meg down and 1 meg up.. I test my phone in the same location and they are about 2 meg down and 1 up.. I walk out of the store or drive down the road and they are sometimes 1 down and 1 up or 3 down and 1 up but always below 2. I am sick of this.. I am about to send it back and just go back to the iPhone 4 and I hate that thought.. I wanted a BIG screen.. I would go with the infuse but I live Gingerbread and the touch wiz 4.. What should I do .. please let me know what you think please.. Email me or reply here..

  16. Was enjoying playing with my new galaxy s2 but my issue was with the likes of YouTube and Facebook not loading via WiFi despite sitting on top of the router achieving full bars. Tried all sorts un-installing etc, even total factory reset no joy thou.Noticed although slow would load via 3G so… Swapped out my new 300mps N adsl2+ router with my old sky router (grey one) hey presto all loads and plays at break neck speed. still crap signal indication moving away from router but still blistering load speeds.
    Why is it possible for my new modem to be crappier then the old stock sky one?

  17. Hi Guys,

    Samsung have finally replied, not by email either but, by a phone call. I was rather impressed to say the least, anyway, they have said that the official 2.3.4 update due for release very soon over Kies should cure the low WI-FI signal also, the update improves cell reception as well with a new modem code re-write.

    They could not give me an exact date for the firmware release but it is imminent.


  18. hey guys , i take delivery of my handset tomorrow and not liking this whole wifi problem ;( is it still a good phone and would you say its better than iphone as this is what i am upgrading from

    cheers paul.

  19. Hi everyone. i have a sgs2 too n having d same wifi problems as u guys. however mine has some extra weirdness in it. d weird thing is it can go online when it is freshly connected but if i stop browsing for more than 10 minutes or so, i cant browse the net again eventho it shows that it is still connected to the same network. d current solution is to disconnect n reconnect to the same network n have to repeat this steps all d time. hope the software upgrade really makes an improvement…

  20. My S2 won’t even see available networks, severely disappointed as otherwise it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. It’s going back to the store today. 🙁

  21. I was thinking about upgrading to Samsung Galaxy s2 and have heard about this problem. However, I find that since my Nexus One was upgraded from Froyo to Gingerbread this problem has started, i.e. I’m getting connection error messages and it’s sometimes dropping off. Could it be an Android thing??


  23. I run a original rom KG5 (rooted by myself with a custom kernel) with KG5 modem and the battery life time and wifi seems to be very good than before (KF3 rom). I don’t have issue with wifi anymore and I’m happy 😀

  24. im sitting reading all ur replys and them are the EXACT same as might.the wifi works when it wants to.when trying to load the internet the wee green bar only goes along a wee bit then stops. it is reay doing my nut rite old x10 mini pro works brand new on the wifi in the house…had the sgs2 for about 10 weeks now.and im thinking of changing it in the next week..cos the problam has took the shine off the phone for me..hopefully a update will sort it soon..

  25. Had the same issue with my SG2 tried numerous things with little change, i do believe this is a software issue and nothing to do with routers, but the other day i finally found a fix which i hope works for other people. I downloaded a app from the marketplace called “wififixerfree” seems to have done the trick and i havent lost connection for nearly a week it has also increased my speed too. Hopefully google/samsung will supply a fix for this issue very shortly, as they must know this is a major problem for such a high end device.

  26. same probs ( wifi facebook maps etc) just got phone today (gs2) up graded from my brilliant desire and i have ended up putting my sim back into my desire, very disapointed ! just shows that you cant believe all the comparison tests sites!

  27. 👿 Guys…..Let me Tell you one thing……Iam also using Samsung Galaxy S2 for about 1 month…..and its wifi really suxx a lot…….neither Android Market is opening nor Facebook application is working properly…….i would rather say its working fine with GPRS(E)……Samsung TEch Are Useless……dey just want to earn free salary……its better to post in xda developers…….

  28. 👿 same as mine here,got my sgs2 last sat,until now wifi connection still exist,facebook sucks,what else can i do?this is a big error of samsung!do they don’t run a wifi test on this device before sending out to the market!hope the issue will be settled soon by samsung!

  29. New SG2 poor signal showing when in next room, also drops wifi connection sat 2 meters from router.
    Press connect, request IP, remembers, then disables, process starts again scanning ………….. disables.

  30. I’ve upgraded to 2.3.4 , still no improvement in signal strength, apps getting disconnected every 5 min and need to reconnect every 5 min 🙁

  31. I’m about to update the firmware, Wnat to verify the Wifi power issue is olved with the update.. !

  32. Although it is a different beast, I have the same problem with my Galaxy i9003. I just updated to 2.3.4 XXKPH, which is an “official” firmware. My suspect is this is a driver issue as it shows herratically. Oddly enough, my Samsung netbook could not properly connect to wifi until a driver update was issues a few days after my purchase. I hope the final 2.3.4 firmware will solve the problem.

  33. Hey Guys

    Another new SGS2 user that is more than slightly fecked off with the poor WiFi signal.

    Mine isn’t an WiFi icon display issue, it really is poor.

    I have a ‘Billion BiPAC 7800N’ and cannot maintain a stable signal from a little as 4 metres away.

    Same routher connect to my laptop at 300Mbps

    The ‘HTC Desire’ I had before this had no problems with WiFi and could stream HD YouTube videos with very few problem.

    When checking the WiFi connection I’m normally connected at 5-13Mbps and occasionally at 39Mbps.

    What are you guys getting?

  34. where can I find the 2.3.4 firmware?

    Mines on 2.3.3 and manual update comes back empty as does Kies, saying I have latest version.

  35. Same Problem Finaly Fixed The Problem 🙂

    I Just Flashed Custom Rom(Cyanogen or Oxygen ROM)
    With KG3 Modem (Try All Modem Untill Problem Got Fixed !)

    1. Hi man, can you help me. I’m new at this and have no idea how to fix this. love the phone but the wifi issue sucks.

  36. I too have a GS2 and suffer with similar connectivity problems. Not regarding wifi but signal strength in general. Tore M hit the nail on the head by saying the phone prefers the 3G/H signal and I think virtually ignores the other “Lower Class” signals.

  37. Firmware update did nothing, nothing i try seems to work….Samsung need to fix this issue i think we all need to write in to show how many people this is affecting!!!

  38. hi guys,

    it’s been a while since someone posted something about wifi issues… i’d like to share mi experience with you guys..
    i got my sgs2 and i was great the first 2 weeks and one crappy day it decided to stay connected to wifi networks but coudn’t acces to any website.. the first failure was at my ofice where the company has an open wifi network (as i said my sgs2 couldn’t load anything when connected to open wifi, i deciden to switch wifi off and it worked great with data network), then i went to my place where i have private wifi and it worked great (still does).. the next day not a chance at the office during the day, at night i went to the university (another public wifi network) and didn’t work.. the next day i went to a place with private wifi and it was fine…
    to resume, my sgs2 doesn’t work with public wifi network but it does with private ones…
    So WTF with this??? i have official 2.3.5 firmware so custom rom it’s not the problem… any help???
    I’m sorry for my poor english.. i’m writing from venezuela right now..

    1. hi all,

      I just got my new sg2 , and wifi is very bad. Someone I loose connection while in office , my laptop is connected to wifi w/o any problem.

      Any idea what’s going on ?

  39. I have rogers samsung galaxy infuse 4g and it has the same wifi problem. i am tired of this … plz help me solve my problem .

  40. I Have a terrible WiFi sensibility in my SG2. Just a few meters far from the router and the level drops dramatically. It is not a cosmetic indicator problem, because when I run WiFi analyzer app in the SG2 in fact the signal level is very low (-85 dbm for one bar indicator) and very close to the connection drop threshold. I have read many post and my conclusion is that this is a Samsung production problem because there are many SG2 with no WiFi problem at all. My recommendation is to return the handset for a replacement or a refund. I’ll do this. 🙁

  41. Just got my gs2 and even sat next to my router I am on 1 bar. I am having to consider not keeping the handset.

  42. Had my samsunggs2 for 2 months.Wi fi dreadful yet other devices fine .Downloading ANYTHING takes for ever or will disconnect.Cannot access android market,facebook music despite sitting on top of the monitor I have the latest upgrade. Paying Tesco £25 a month for the phone.I love the phone but sadly its going back.Samsung should put out a warning re this obvious common problem

  43. Hi I got norton on my galaxy s2 & got a genuim product key but when I want to activate it ,the norton keep view connection erorr that there is no network conn by th time I have good wifi conn,and the trail time is about end.

  44. I cant even get Wi fi at work oin the S2, but have no issues getting it on my Evo, if this is going to be a problem i need to return the S2 and go back to teh EVO

  45. Upgraded to the S2 about a month ago, have very good wifi “when and if” it decides to recognize my modem.
    Have placed the phone beside, on etc the modem at times and it refuses to connect to my wifi at times. Drives me nuts! Have tried several “fix my wifi” apps in the market to no avail! Anyone know of a fix?

  46. I have the same problem. And it’s not cosmetics (as other mentione here too): When using apps I get the connection error.

    At the moment I dislike the phone because of this. Except from this it’s awsome!

  47. 👿 this wifi problem is P****** me off..great fone but widout wifi its half useless to shows its connected to wifi but after a while will not connect to Internet. .have to keep switching on and off..exciting all applications on task manager,clearing ram..then will hopefuly statrt wrking again..for all of half hour.. any solutions? 👿

  48. hello to all i have a new GS2 android 2.3.5 and my probs are
    very weak
    earphone (with calls and skype)
    wifi signal

    any fix regarding the above? thank you

  49. Apart from this issue, it’s a fantastic phone. Chose it over the iP4 and 4S. I fucking cannot stand this wi-fi thing though. Running 2.3.5, and I haven’t even had my phone for 24 hours yet. My router is just round the corner from me in my house, and I get nothing in my room, and not much more sitting next to it. So much for being “mobile”, should just buy a Windows 98 PC and go back to dial-up internet. Everyone pray for a solution!

  50. I am also having super slow wireless connection on my Samsung Galaxy W phone (bought 2 weeks ago), I access internet using wireless at the same time side by side with my iphone 4, the iphone can get the desired site within split sec while the Galaxy W takes as long as 10 sec or more to do so.
    After some searching on the internet for solution, I installed WIFI FIXER on my Galaxy and it works wonder, atleast now my Galaxy is surfing alot faster on wireless. I will keep watch on this and update if by any chance it get slowed again.

    1. Hi guys,

      I had bought an sgs2 yesterday an having thesame problem as the topic above poor wifi signal or even can not connect. I have a secured wifi in my home and i used my loptop its very fast i dont have any problem, but in my samsung galaxys2 i can’t connect or open a webpage it even showing a fullbar, but in my office we had unsecured wifi signal but even i got a single bar its automatically connected an its great i can open the webpage very fast. do you think WIFIFIX can solve my problem? where can i find that software?

      pls… help me thanks

  51. Hello,

    I bought my galaxy s 2 about 3.5 months ago . from day one i got 3-4 Mb less download then my desktop (cable lan) or laptop wifi . Upload is good and is the same as desktop or laptop. . All the Wifi bars where always there . no low signal.
    I replaced my original samsung international rom to original samsung localized rom (at samsung labs) . The problem is still the same as before.
    It could be many things . From driver to hardware .

    First rom version 2.3.5 international . Current rom version 2.3.5 localized .

    My next test will be in speeds that are greater then my current internet speed : 12Mb download and 1000Kb upload .

    If in the next test it will be still 2-4 Mb lower then the maximum speed it is a driver problem .

  52. Hi, I have the same problem, my android version is 2.3.6, Gingerbread
    the signal is weak and sometimes even if it is connected to the AP, it is hard for me to open the webpages, and sometimes it just swithes into 3G. While my laptop and another HTC mobile phone still have good/medium signals. how to fix this problem?

  53. GS2 Wifi problem poor signal strength running os 2.3.5 i wish ice-cream sandwich will solve this issue.

  54. Hi Everyone,
    I have spent a lot of time reading all issues about wi-fi signal strength issues with samsung galaxy s 2 and could see anything like I am experiencing with the same phone type. I have this phone for about 6 months and it has been 4 days that it does not read any simcard. this phone was unlocked and purchased privately but I have tried different simcard apart from the regular one which I used before and it does not have a reception bar shown. no phone call can be made and I have a feeling that it can be from the antena failure. if so what can be done to fix this. I appereciate an honest and proven response.

  55. I had the Samsung Galaxy S and upgraded to the S2. Where the S gave me 2, or 3 bars at a location, the S2 gives me 1, or none at the same location. I like the S2, but find I switch the SIM card back to the S when I need connection

  56. I downloaded wifi-fixer from Google Play, and that’s sorted all the problems mentioned – speed, inconsistency, uploading, range.
    Happy, happy, happy.

  57. the signal strength on samsung galaxy s2 is -57 dbm 28asu when will it get signal its so annoying…. plz fix dis problem 👿 🙁 😡 😯 plzzzzzzzzzz

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