Laserworld EL-250RGB Micro – Cluster Laser

Laserworld EL-250RGB Micro – Cluster Laser

Laserworld EL 250RGB Micro – This very small unit is perfect for smaller locations: It gives a great star effect if used without fog/haze. With the use of fog/haze you get hundreds of amazingly small laser beams moving throughout the room. Due to the effect grating, this unit has a quite large deflection angle, so the effect is quite spacious.

The EL-250RGB Micro is a very flexible device. The colors can be controlled in auto mode or music mode. Single colors can be adjusted manually (R / G / B).
The combinations of two colors can be defined manually (RG / GB / RB), too. Allthese settings can bemade directlyon the back ofthedevice.

Laserworld EL-250RGB Micro Cluster LaserEL-250 RGB Cluster Laser

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