Samsung Galaxy S3 – Android 4.0.4 – Exchange 2010 Stock Email Problems

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Android 4.0.4 – Exchange 2010 Stock Email Problems

Hi Guys,

Looking for a little help here, I recently bought my new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone sim free from Carphone Wharehouse and am generally very pleased with it however there is a problem I keep getting using the stock email client with Exchange 2010.

Everything syncs first time fine, all email comes through ok, but when new emails start coming in you can see the sender and the subject but the actual body of the email is just blank, a plain white screen, this applies to both plain and html type emails. If I then remove the exchange account from the phone and then re-add it all the emails sync again and the non-readable emails are now readable however any new ones that come in are blank again.

Is anyone else having this problem or can shed any light on it.

Regards John

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83 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 – Android 4.0.4 – Exchange 2010 Stock Email Problems”

  1. Hi,

    Yes, I have also faced the same problem, I am able to see the whole email from the desktop (Outlook), but can only see a couple of lines from Samsung GS III. I have learnt that this is a known issue, the new version of ICS would cover alot of Exchange error, the new version has been testing right now, when the tests are completed, new FW will be available by OTA (Over the Air) update.


    1. I have been fighting the blank e-mail issue on my Galaxy S2 for seeral months since AT&T upgraded me to 4.0.4. The Exchange client worked perfectly with the original Android system. Since I receive Exchange text e-mails from critical equipment alarms (Backup PS – Server Raids – etc.) this is critical to me.

      I finaly bit the $19.99 bullet and downloaded NitroDesk Touchdown HD and it works perfectly. I was also able to combine my Tasks (personal) and Calender (buisiness) in one Widget and email in a second widget instead of having three on the desktop.

  2. We are having the same problem Erdem is talking about; some emails are shown with only a couple of lines of text (about 4 lines). Doesn’t matter if these are internal, external, new mail or replies; it just seems to happen randomly. This happens on both new S3’s in our company. It’s good to see that it seems to be a know problem with a solution on the way.

    It’s a shame because the Samsung client is very good otherwise. Before the S3 i was using touchdown on another phone but the S3 email clients is so good i haven’t installed touchdown on the S3.

  3. I have had same problem.
    Get the person to send email again to me and then it works.
    Just happens sometimes.
    Hopefully the update will fix.
    Very happy with phone otherwise.
    I used to have iPhone so enjoying the change.

  4. Morning, I any update on this issue? It is frustrating that we have to use a product like Touchdown to get a full email for more our exchange servers. Having been operating an S2 prior on ICS it seem bizarre that this should now be an issue on the S3.

    I agree with Vincent, and the stock email app / widget is good, however but useless if we can’t get the whole of our emails. Also there seems to be a display bug on the stock calendar widget where the day./date overlap, and minor but annoying.

    Is there anyway we can advise Samsung of this issue?


  5. Hi Guys,

    I don’t know if this is just a fluke but I have noticed that if I keep outlook closed on my pc then I can view ALL emails on the Galaxy S3. I keep my main pc on all the time with outlook 2010 open, when outlook is open I can’t read new emails on the phone but when I close it I can then read any new emails.

    As I said not sure if flukey but I keep truying it and it seems to work…. (for me anyway)

    I have sent a copy of this thread to Samsung as I did with Galaxy S2 problems so I will see if I get a response this time.


    1. Thanks John, much appreciated, please keep us in the loop, this issue is seriously irritating!

  6. hi guys,

    i setup all the settings that work on other phones, but on samsung S3 doesn’t receive any emails, i cannot receive nothing.

    can you guys help me fix it?


  7. Hi all,

    It really solces the problem, if outlook is closed. Well, the problem does not show up at least. Hopefully Samsung is issuing a fix soon.


    1. Hi Gunther, yes it does… I have now had no issues for two days when outlook is closed on the pc, as soon as outlook is opened Amy new emails are unreadable… I have now had a reply from Samsung saying that they are looking into the problem.

  8. Hi

    John and Gunther are correct, with outlook closed the stock email app works perfectly, open outlook, and read some emails, then re-read them on your phone and you will only have a few lines of the email.

    Samsung advised me to do a factory reset, which I did but the same issue reappeared.

    Strangely a friend of mine has an S3 in South Africa and claims not to have this issue, I should this specific to certain handsets or a combination of the handset and specific versions of Exchange?

    You would think it would be quick fix.

      1. Hi Richard, yes… Samsung have said they are aware of the issue and currently trying to solve it, some people have said changing text or background colour solves it but for me on Exchange 2010 I have to keep outlook closed then all works, as soon as I open outlook emails unreadable, until Samsung cure this I am using touchdown and everything is working as expected.

  9. You should be able to fix this by changing the background color from the lower left button when viewing an email.I had the same problem.

    1. This worked for me! I had black background and white text, and sporadically the body of the email didn’t come through, almost like if the black background failed to load and thus you cant see white font on white background. I switched back to normal white background and black text, issue solved.

  10. Sorry. Meant to write change the text color. It somehow gets changed to white, effectively hiding the text

  11. I have the same issue as John. If Outlook is open, emails only contain 1 or 2 lines. If outlook is closed, the stock widget works perfectly.

    Thanks for the update John. I to am using Touchdown, prefer the stock email, but we’ll have to wait until Samsung sort it.

  12. Lets hope so….I have updated but the issues seems to still be there, maybe we have to delete the account and start again ? Have any of you had any luck with the firmware update ?

  13. Hi, deleting the MS Exchange Acc on the phone and setting it up again and the re-syncing seems to have done the trick.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Yes I agree. I have now been running for a full 24hours with no issues and closing and then re-opening outlook does not affect phone email client like it did before firmware update…


    2. Richard, How did you delete the account, I went in, deleted the account to start over again, and it appears to be gone, however, when I start over again, it gives me an error right away that “ is a dulicate and already in use”, so the only choice is to canel the operation. I have gone into task mananger and cleared ram. any tips for deleting are appreciated.

  14. Yes, it indeed does seem to have fixed the problem. Other nice improvements:

    – you can select vibrate on/off for mail warnings independently from other system sounds/vibrate settings
    – when moving messages to a folder the folder list is shown much more quickly than before
    – you can see the last update time when there was communication with the server
    – you can set visibility when adding/changing an appointment.

    Nice to see Samsung actually seems to be listening! I didn’t have to remove my Exchange account on the phone for this.

    One last thing which is still “wrong” : the font/size of the signature is different from the message text.

    1. What version of the firmware are you on. I got an update last week and the basedand version is L710VPLF9. My stock email issue is still there. I removed and re-added the account after the update also.

        1. My version is I9300XXLF2 and OTA says there is no update available/needed. Damm thing! How do I upgrade to I9300XXLFB?

  15. Hi All,

    I am having this same issue and i have not recieved an update yet and I hope it will come across soon as this is very annoying, can I ask has anyone had issues after installing exchange email on their device it changes the security settings so that you must have a code when unlocking your phone??

  16. Hi all not sure if the same or similar issue? Have the Samsung Galaxy S3 also:
    Model: GT-I9300
    Android: 4.04
    Baseband Version: I9300XXLE8
    Build: IMM76D.I9300XXALE8
    Set up standard email to Exchange 2010. Worked fine from time I first set it up a 3 weeks ago up until last Friday 6th July. Failed to Synch over the weekend and kept failing until 9th Jul with “Could not connect to mail server” error messages on phone so I deleted my Exchange Account on phone and then tried to recreate it but am now getting:
    (Dialog Box Title) Setup could not finish.
    (With message of) You entered an incorrect server address or the server requires a protocol version that Email does not support.
    “Have had a couple of Exchange admins look at this and trawled the net but nothing exactly like it. Also deleted my owa mobile phone synch as well and turned off my Outlook client on my desktop. Still naught. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  17. I just got an OTA update (I am on Sprint) that changed my baseband version from L710VPLF9 to L710VPLG2. That update appears to have fixed the issue. Also my model it SPH-L710.

    1. Hi,

      I am having this same issue here with Vodafone and they said they are having trouble locating the correct firmware update that fixed this issue, can you shed any lighton this?

      1. Hi guys, I would just like to add that after my Kies update my stock email client is fine…. To all those still having problems some providers do take time relaying updates that Samsung send out, my phone was sim free from carphone warehouse and so doesn’t have to go through the checking of software like Vodafone, O2, orange do etc…

  18. Thanks John, I have down loaded Kies to my laptop (my XP PC wouldn’t work!) now my laptop can connect with my Samsung but my samsung cannot find any devices on Kies when I scan 😕

  19. Ok the cut off email problem has returned for me. After the update and a removal and re-setup of my exchange account. What a drag!

  20. I have a s3 i link with my server enchange but i can’t sent email and receive do you know why my model is sgh-i747M ?????

  21. Hi all,

    does anyone have a clue when the update will be available in Germany? I am still waiting…..



  22. I did the kies connection and everything seemed to work for a couple of days, I am now back to receiving blank emails??????

  23. hi guys, just wondering if anybody can shed some light on this, i have a client with this problem, unfortunately we do not supply or support samsumg phones but out of courtesy i am looking into this for him, he says he has this problem but when he tries to update from kies, it tells him it is all up to date, yet still cannot read emails in full from his samsung galaxy S3, any ideas?

    any news on when the OTA update is available?

  24. Verizon Galaxy S3
    I have the same issue, running Microsoft Outlook 2007 on my work computer which I typically leave open all day long on a secondary monitor. If it is closed then I have no problem with the email but when open it corrupts some messages to only a few lines.
    If M.S. Outlook is closed and then I turn sync back on the phone the messages all come in fine even after they have been open on my work computer in MS Outlook. Just as long as it is not open during the Sync process. My solution right now is to run Moxier Mail on my phone as it syncs just fine while MS Outlook is open. Like everyone else I would prefer the stock email app that came with the phone. Hopefully Samsung can track down the bug and patch it soon and beyond that I hope Verizon will let us have the patch.

  25. I gave up on the Galaxy and returned for a full refund. I am back to using my Blackberry Curve 9300; brilliant!!!

  26. Today is 8/1/12. I am happy to have found this website. I thought i was the only crazy one. I am running Samsung Galaxy S3 on T Mobile and having same e-mail issue with Exchange. HOW DO I FIX THIS, HAS THERE BEEN ANY UPDATE ON A SOLUTION?

  27. I got an OTA update yesterday (8/5/2012). It brought me to baseband version L710VPLG8, I was previously on L710VPLG2. I deleted my Exchange account, then re-added it and now it looks good but it only worked for a day the last OTA update came through.

  28. Email cut off is back, so my latest OTA update only worked for a few hours. I dont understand why some people have this problem and some dont. Makes no sense at all.

  29. Mine just started and is caused when Inforward an email. After it is forwarded if I go back and view the original email there are only 4 lines.

    1. Same thing happens to me when i forward an email. Also noticed when opening an attachment using the Polaris viewer… A little annoying…

  30. Using the stock application, my emails are working fine on the S3. However, I am having problems with is the “Peak/Off-Peak Sync Schedule” It remains fixed on the stated times despite having changed it, rebooted, etc. Has anyone experienced this?Also, any thoughts as to what might be stopping it from getting updated?

  31. I am having the same problem using Galaxy S3 on Sprint and exchange. I have found if I have outlook closed on my desktop then I get entire email rather than truncated 4 lines. Odd thing is that my wife has same phone and same exchange server is not having problems. I do a lot more email than her not sure if that has something to do wit hit??

    I spoke to Level 3 Executive escalation who said they will get to engineers but I have not heard anything yet??

    please help 🙂

  32. Samsung has a bit of sorting to do with their stock email app. I have a Samsung S Advance running android 2.3.6 and I experiencesimilar bugs to those described in this thread.

    I don’t experience the problem of only a few lines of the email showing. It doesn’t matter if outlook is open or closed on my laptop, it has no effect.

    My main problem is, when I read an email then close it and return to inbox if I then long press on the email to see the options pop up and select mark as unread then the email will reopen automatically without me touching the screen. While the email is on the screen no content is visible because the text colour has mysteriously changed to white.

    Another problem is if I go to account setting and turn off split view mode then the change only stays until I exit and re-enter email. Split view mode will have automatically changed back to on.

  33. This is really annoying . I purchase maildroid to compliment the stock app just for yhosentomes that I can’t see the whole email which is a good solution because it does exchange mail and still alows you to use the other stock apps link contacts.

    U have been trying to duplicate the bug. There may be a connection between how fast I close the email after reling or forwarding.

  34. It seems you guys are having the same problems I had. One minute I thought I had sorted it and love the phone then the next day the same problem and there is no pattern to it. An individual would send me an email and I could read it, the next day the same person would send me an email in exactly the same format and I couldn’t.
    If Samsung can fix it I would consider going back to the phone because nearly everything else was good

  35. I’m having the same issues with a S3 on Verizon. Don’t know how to fix and missing the simplicity of my iPhone! Help!

    1. I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint) and cannot get it to sync with my corporate email either. I have tried all suggestions not just on this site but all over the internet to no avail. I even did the factory reset. Works fine with Touchdown but only if I set it to Exchange 2007 (which is strange). The server my company uses is MS Exchange 2010. Even spoke to a Sprint rep and they were no help. I am so confused by all the posts I’ve been reading…is this an ICS issue, a Samsung issue, Sprint issue, or Exchange server issue????? Please help.

  36. Update – Today I was given and iPad and attempted to sync up my corporate email account on that as well – same issue – “unable to connect to server”. I got with the email admins and they came across some errors in event view on the Exchange server – Exchange ActiveSync doesn’t have sufficient permissions to create the “email account” container under Active Directory user. This error is not retriable. Additional information: Access is denied.
    Active directory response: 00000005: SecErr: DSID-031521D0, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0″.
    Make sure the user has inherited permission granted to domain\Exchange Servers to allow List, Create child, Delete child of object type “msExchangeActiveSyncDevices” and doesn’t have any deny permissions that block such operations.
    After this we found this article –
    The following steps resolved my issue:
    Open the Active Directory Users and Computers and go to “View” and select “Advanced Features”
    After that, find the user who is not able to use the ActiveSync, and double-click him, and go to “Security” tab then click “Advanced”…
    Then just check the ckeck-box “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” and click OK to close all the other windows…
    After this, the user should be able to connect to the server using ActuveSync with no problems…
    After doing this…I was able to sync my corporate email account on the iPad and my Galaxy S3!!!! 🙂

    1. Brilliant news Peter. I had been struggling with this issue for weeks and your solution worked!! I was on the verge of taking the phone back but not now. Thanks Peter

  37. I have a different problem with the S3 not even showing some emails, but only a couple are not shown and not detected, but when I go through my gmail account on the S3, using the default mail viewer, I get more of the emails. But when I check through the ipad I get all of the mails. I have two email accounts, which the gmail account retrieves so it remains on the gmail server…

    So the S3 is not seeing some of my mail!
    software is up to date.
    Im based in South Africa

    can Anyone offer some guidance?

  38. As instructed by Verizon, I have reset the exchange server twice (at great time expense) in order to stop the truncating about half of my messages at about 200 characters. While the reset allowed for PAST messages (previously received) to be not truncated any longer, ALL new messages after a reset ARE truncated. NOT A FIX!

    What am I to do? This does not work. Can someone at Samsung that what to do?

    1. Latest OTA still has same issue for me as well. It’s not your server. If I install the AOSP email client or any other client (enhanced email, touchdown etc) everthing is fine.

      I have dealing with Samsung Support on twitter for a long time now on this issue but no resolution. I have also yesterday sent a message to them on their form on facebook. We will see if anything comes of it. Definitely not holding my breath.

  39. Samsung Galaxy S3 Email Cutting Off with Exchange 2010 – Possibly a Solution!

    I’ve been struggling with issue of the stock email app cutting off emails after four lines when connected as a client to Exchange Server 2010 since I purchased it about two months ago. I’ve tried the font and background color changing idea but it didn’t work. I deleted and reinstalled the client at least twice (even after the OTA update) and also didn’t work. I tried closing Outlook in my office as someone suggested but that didn’t work either. I researched the issue just about every week to no avail (including constantly watching John Tankard’s blog), and clearly others have the same problem but today might be our lucky day. In his Phandroid blog post last month, Mirix indicated that Jelly Bean has power setting options regarding background colors; the same power setting is also available in ICS which I have (we’re all waiting for Jelly Bean on the S3, right?). Just changing the background color switch to OFF doesn’t work in itself, but here’s the crazy part – I took the “turn off background color” setting idea to the next step, and just turned off power saving completely (just slide the ON to OFF) under settings. I then opened email to check if it worked and to my surprise, it all of a sudden started to resyc all of my emails with the server! Why that is I have no idea but clearly the global ON/OFF power setting is connected to email in some way – not just through the background color switch. In any event, once all the emails resynced with Exchange 2010 after a few minutes, emails that were previously cutting out after four lines were now available, and all shown in all of their proper formatting as I would see in Outlook! I’ll keep an eye on this over the next day or two to make certain it works, but so far so good. I will post this on John Tankard’s blog as well. Dave.

  40. I have the same problem and none of these suggested solutions have worked for me but I have been able to get my emails to stop truncating (at least for the moment).

    It seems that there are 2 separate problems that can occur. One is where the entire email is blank and the other is were there are only 4 or 5 lines showing and the rest of the email is missing. I am experiencing the second issue and there is always part of the email showing. I have never experienced the entire body of the email missing like some other have here.

    I can ALWAYS restore an email that is truncated by moving it to another folder and even move it back to the inbox. This works 100% of the time so far.

    Here is my setup…
    Stock Galaxy S3 on Verizon with latest update installed.
    Exchange 2010 Server.
    Outlook 2010 running on 2 separate desktops and one laptop.

    The 2 desktops and the laptop stay in sync perfectly and I have never had any issues with them. I have tried closing all sessions of Outlook and shutting down all 3 machines and that seems to help but eventually emails start truncating on the S3.

    As a last resort I tried one more thing before giving up. I changed my sync from “push” to “5 minutes” and for 2 days now I have not had any truncated emails.

    If some of you are still having issues, please try setting your phones back to the default settings except change the sync from “Push” to something else and report your findings. Please include your Phone specs and carrier, your Exchange Server version and your Outlook version if using Outlook.

    I know this is not an ideal solution (after all, what good is an exchange server if you can’t have push email) but I would like to see if some of you have the same success so that we can narrow this down and send Samsung some concrete data that they can use to solve this issue once and for all.


  41. I have an employee here with an S3 and the truncating problem. First we had him using our internal Exchange 2010 server, then I moved his mailbox to Office 365 which we are in the process of migrating to and the problem persists.

    Verizon has so far refused to Exchange the phone, and Samsung only said they knew about the issue and to use a different app for email.

    I will try the suggestion above from Paul to change form push -> 5 min. If that doesn’t work, or the employee can’t get by with that then I’ll have to contact Verizon and fight with them for a different phone.

  42. I just called VZW and got them to swap for an iPhone. I can’t be bothered spending so much time supporting a single user with a Galaxy S3 when we have hundreds of people on iPhones and BB’s and other Android phones without this issue.

    We were told back in June that the ICS update would make it global, now we’re told the ICS update will fix email. Good luck waiting for that update folks, but I’m this company is moving on to global phones that are actually global and receive email without issue.

  43. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB through our corporate relationship with VZW and was initially delighted. However I’ve run smack into the truncation bug too. Oddly I’ve also come up with a workaround (all workarounds by definition are in varying degrees undesireable … this one borders on being a big pain in the …). While I wait for VZW and Samsung to figure this out, I just re-forward the defective email back to myself using the same corporate email address. Lo and behold .. the entire message appears! Oddly #2, this truncation does not happen to every Outlook Exchange email … only some of them. No pattern either. Maybe I should VZW and Samsung know this to aid in their hunt ….

    1. Jim I tried the forward the email to myself and it worked. Great workaround from now or until samsung come up with a fix. My phone is the same as yours as well as the carrier. Great Job 😆 😛

  44. I too have the truncation problem, and I think I have discovered another work around. When I moved the offending message to another folder, the rest of the text showed up.

    BTW, I have this problem regardless of whether my Outlook is running on my laptop or not, so I agree that may be a red herring.

  45. UPDATE:

    Since updating my phone to Jelly Bean (4.1.1) about 2 weeks ago, I am no longer experiencing email truncation even with “push” sync.

    This is a stock phone with the new Verizon update (update_SCH_I535_LHE_to_LK3). Even though this was advertised as an automatic “push to the phone over the air” update, I had to manually check, retrieve and install this update. This could be because I wanted it the day it came out and Verizon was pushing them in waves and it wasn’t my turn yet (and I couldn’t wait).

    I also updated both of my desktops to Office 2013 but don’t think this is relevant as other have indicated that Outlook issues were a red herring.

    Is anyone else having similar results?

  46. hi dears
    is there any one would be able to solve my problem occured with my samsung galaxy s3? the problem is that i can not access my gmail account on s3.
    when i reset my s3 then in the starting process it requires the gmail account for signing in, i entered my gmail id and password correctly but when i press sign in then it does not get sign in and the message appeared (this can take a few minutes) remains for some hours but it cant get sign in. although i already connected to a WiFi network.
    and secondly my gmail id also not accessable on google play store.
    if any one knows to set up the setting for solving this problem, i am going for his guidense in this regard. and also will be too much thankful for this.

    Quick reply to this message Reply

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