Norton 360 lets Virus In??

Hi all,

Here is a little word of warning, beware of Norton 360 for protecting against Viruses and Spyware. I have a client who has always used Symantec products and the other night he called me over, his pc was completely unresponsive, pop ups all over the place, email deleting itself, basically the pc was in a mess. So then, Esets NOD32 it was, I ran the online scanner eset provide, it picked up 16 malware instances that Norton 360 had ”missed”. After cleaning the infections, I rebooted his pc and all was well, the funny thing is he has stayed with Norton 360 – I am baffled well and truely.

The big thing here is that most of the BIG name, well known anti virus solutions just do not work anymore, sure, they protect from the well known malware but thats about it.

If you want the best security for your pcs or even mail servers then I highly recommend Eset NOD32. It really does find things the other ”big” ones miss.

Cheers John

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