Virtual DJ Pro 7.02 Controller DN-S3700 – Music skipping

Hi All,

Here is something which may be of interest to all you Virtual DJ Pro 7.02 users using a USB Midi controller such as the Denon DN-S3700 or Pioneer CDJ-2000 when you find the track playing starts skipping.

When loading a track or scratching using a midi controller you may notice that the CPU spikes, this by design is normal behaviour, it is so the track gets loaded as quickly as possible, but, you may have also noticed thatĀ if the CPU peaks out at 100% the song playing may skip (sometimes forward and backwards) – In Microsoft’s own words ”In this scenario, you notice that there is high CPU usage approximately every 15 seconds on the computer. Additionally, you may experience skipping in audio playback from the audio device when overall CPU usage reaches 100%””.

To help cure this problem and ONLY if you are having this problem Microsoft have a hotfix out available at the link below

Hope this helps you out like it did me.


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