Sage Line 50 Slow over network

Sage Line 50 Slow Over Network

Here is another little help topic that may help some users regarding sage line 50 slow over network problems.

After many years dealing with Sage Line50 it is no surprise that I am a little upset that Sage will STILL NOT utilize SQL for the database backend. There was a sign that Sage were moving over to SQL when a beta of Sage Line50 had been issued to a number of ”testers” only for me to find out the other day that Sage have put it on hold for the foreseeable future due to ”problems”.

Being an IT Administrator for our company, Specialist Building Factors, has led to many complaints from our users why Sage Line 50 runs so slow over a network. There has been many upgrades and tweaks to squeeze every bit out of our network. Our network at the moment comprises the following:

1 x Dell PowerEdge T310 Quad Core 2.5GTZ server running SBS 2008 with 12GB ram (4 SAS disks Raid10 – the sage data is also held on this server as a temp measure)
1 x Dell PowerEdge 1600SC running Server 2008 4GB ram (This is down at a remote branch running as a backup domain controller, dhcp, and print server)
1 x Dell 16 port Gigabit switch coupled with 2 x cisco routers for our remote branch connection via VPN
19 x Windows XP + Windows 7 desktops (all running Sage Line 50) (4 of these at the remote branch running over terminal services)

The antivirus protecting our network was Avast! AntiVirus 4.8 Professional running on the Main server using the Avast ADNM console to manage the whole installation. The root of all the Slow Sage Line 50 problems was…… Avast :(, simply disabling the Avast shields on the clients and the server was not good enough, the Avast product had to be FULLY uninstalled.

OK, so the Sage Line 50 speed over the network is back again, the problem was now to find a good AV product, server/client friendly that did not impact Sage. This led me to ESET’s NOD32 AntiVirus program, I installed this across our network and on all servers and the Antivirus impact on Sage Line 50 is minimal. It is widely regarded by many IT Admins as the best AV software, and from my point of view if you use Sage Line 50 on a network, scrap your current AV software and use ESET’s, you won’t be disappointed.

Hope this helps, if it does please leave comments or, ask any questions for others to reference.


4 thoughts on “Sage Line 50 Slow over network”

  1. I agree. Ive installed many good networks for clients, only for them to ring me a week later and complain that sage and some other programs are too slow to use. after i uninstalled AVAST! on the server i noticed a massive increase in client side performance.
    Typically you can leave AVAST! on the client side and add the exclusions that sage suggest but dont put it on your server! EVER!(although its not as bad as norton 😛 )

  2. Norton – Those were the days, hacked, compromised, slow…. Im sure I can think of many others, it does make you laugh though when you go into a main large retail store and all you see is assistants selling norton and kerpersky by the bucket load, and then even telling the customer there is nothing better on the market…. 😆

  3. Hi Guys,
    i wonder if you could help. A client is using vpn to connect to sage database in head office and complaining for the slow speed!
    do you know what is the minimum upload bandwidth required on the server (where the database is) to get acceptable speed? i assume the download on the client side is fast enough (around 10mb)
    many thanks,

    1. Hi Ali,

      You have to run sage over remote desktop through the vpn, there is wayyy too much data without doing that… I ran it like that for a client and I was running 4 clients and print services through terminal services with sage running on the terminal server, ran like a dream like that for three years. O:)

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